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  • Dedicated support
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Multi Lingo Shopify App Integration

Multi Lingo Shopify App Integration

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Before we at Arham Web Works explain how we can integrate the Multi Lingo app into your Shopify store, let's take a closer look at what makes Multi Lingo so beneficial. Since its launch on December 15, 2016, Multi Lingo has established itself as an essential tool in the Shopify ecosystem, effectively breaking down language barriers. Developed by daxanema, this flexible app streamlines the translation of your Shopify store into multiple languages, including the crucial checkout process.

What's included

  • Safely Install App
  • Integration with any Shopify theme
  • Configurations & setup
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues
  • Extensive dedicated support
  • Update Management
  • Privacy and Security Compliance Check

What's not included

  • LangShop AI language translation app cost

Key Features of Multi Lingo:

  • Easy Theme Translation: Effortlessly create multi-language versions of any Shopify theme.
  • Full Content Control: Manage translations for products, pages, menu items, homepage text, email notifications, checkout, and blog articles with ease.
  • Auto-Translation: Utilize the MS Bing translation engine for automatic translations on a per-item basis.
  • Seamless Integration: Multi Lingo integrates smoothly with Shopify's existing localization framework.

With a commendable 4.5-star rating based on 75 reviews, it's clear that Multi Lingo is an invaluable tool for Shopify store owners aiming to expand their global reach.

Need Help with installation? No worries – we're here to assist with the setup and installation for you.

Final thoughts:

Experts at Arham Web Works can develop solutions that enable you to effortlessly expand or add new functionality to your Shopify store. Our practical solutions can propel your store toward success. Connect with us for improved store management.

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