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  • Dedicated support
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Currency Converter by Zoomifi Shopify App Integration

Currency Converter by Zoomifi Shopify App Integration

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As the digital marketplace continues to bring the world closer together, the ability to sell and market products globally becomes increasingly essential. Currency Converter by Zoomifi, Inc. is a key tool for stores aiming to achieve this global reach. Launched on September 4, 2019, this app provides a seamless solution for e-commerce entrepreneurs to cater to a worldwide audience.

What's included

  • Safely Install App
  • Integration with any Shopify theme
  • Configurations & setup
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues
  • Extensive dedicated support
  • Update Management
  • Privacy and Security Compliance Check

What's not included

  • Currency Converter by Zoomifi app cost

Before we delve into how Arham Web Works can integrate this powerful tool into your Shopify store, let's explore what makes the Currency Converter by Zoomifi app exceptional:

  • Global Reach: Site visitors from over 160 countries can view prices in their local currency with a single click, greatly enhancing the user experience for international customers.
  • Dynamic Conversion: Known for its blazing-fast currency conversions, the app provides real-time accuracy and efficiency.
  • Advanced Rounding: Automated rounding and price padding features aim to reduce cart abandonment by ensuring pricing appears natural and familiar to international customers.
  • Vortex Loading Technology: Ensures your site's speed remains optimized, promising a swift shopping experience that could translate into higher conversion rates.

With over 255 reviews and a solid 4.5-star rating, this feature-rich app enables customers to purchase products in their native currency, helping stores break down barriers and expand their reach.

Need Help with installation? No worries – we're here to assist with your setup and installation.

Final thoughts:

Experts at Arham Web Works can develop solutions that enable you to effortlessly expand or add new functionality to your Shopify store. Our practical solutions can propel your store toward success. Connect with us for improved store management.

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